Michel Gentils

Michel Gentils began his career as concertist in the United States in 1975.  On his return to France, he became a forerunner among French exponents of guitar picking, and developed new techniques for his beloved 12-string, which he played as a veritable solo instrument. Today he is a widely recognised twelve string specialist.  He enriched his approach through contacts with other cultures and countries, notably India, where he perfected the extraordinary veena guitar, an instrument with two fretboards.

“Years of concerts on the twelve-string guitar helped me develop the techniques which were germinating in the 12 string guitar revival, particularly in the work of Léo Kottke.

I worked out a method of learning to play a twelve-string guitar to its real potential, based on a specific playing logic.  This logic opens up a wide universe of possibilities, some branches of which I investigated and many others which are still to be discovered”.

Michel Gentils plays on a Favino three sound holes twelve-string guitar and a Maurice Dupont ABJ 100 12 string,

“The music of this unclassifiable musician with a very engaging personality, will take you on a journey into a poetic world of sound, changing climates, streaked with breathtaking improvisations, the discovery of an instrument that we thought we knew: the twelve-string guitar.”

Jean-Pierre Favino, French guitar maker.

« Michel Gentils, one of those ace acoustic guitarists, is certainly of the multi-stylistic level of Mikhael Hedges and many Windham Hill acolytes »

Jeff Melton. Expose. U.S.A

Michel Gentils plays a Favino 12 string

1981: Michel Gentils in the workshop of Jean-Pierre Favino. Favino had just completed the fabrication of the guitar that Gentils still uses in all his concerts today.


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